3 Easy Methods to Remove Car Scratches

Unfortunately, getting scratches and cracks on the car is inevitable, no matter how careful you drive. However, it’s not as scary as it might sound. If you have the right products, you can easily fix the scratches yourself, and we’re happy to share some tips!

Scratch location

There are three place a scratch might appear at: windshield, paint, leather seats. For each of them there’s a different way of fixing, but they all require such initial steps as cleaning the damaged place and drying it off.

Car paint scratch

Note, this method only works if the scratch isn’t deep. To check the depth of a scratch, run your fingernail over it – if you don’t catch on the scratch, it’s on the surface and can be fixed as described. Take a slightly wet microfiber towel and apply toothpaste on it. Move the towel in small circles and rub the toothpaste into the scratch. Remove any excess toothpaste from the scratched area, repeat the process until the scratch is filled.

Glass scratch

Glass is a more delicate material than simple car paint, thus fixing it is more complex, yet still rather easy. For this method, you’ll need a Windshield Scratch Repair Liquid Set. Put a drop of this liquid onto the scratch/crack and even it from gaps or air bubbles. Let it dry for up to 20 minutes under sunlight – and you’re ready to go! The liquid fills in the scratches, making the glass look whole again.

Leather seat scratches

Leather seats undoubtedly look luxurious, but when they wear off, they do lose their appeal However, a simple Leather Repair Gel can save the situation! It works just like the glass repair liquid: you need to evenly apply the gel onto the scratch/crack and let it dry. You can speed up the process with a regular hairdryer.

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